Ann Arbor Real Estate Notes

Ann Arbor , MI
3 bedrooms
1,974 sq ft
Premium neighborhood. Great lot... Needs a new roof, A/C and furnace plus updating of paint and carpet... This could be a great home and investment if done correctly...
Ann Arbor , MI
2 bedrooms
703 sq ft
This location is one of a kind in Pittsfield Village. Only two units make up this structure... My client did not like this one as it has a finished basement and you cannot tell if the cinderblock walls are sound or not. There is some strange cracking in the living room that makes me think structural issues. This is not so bad since the HOA would be in charge of the repair for this, but it is too much for my client to make this one a consideration.
Ann Arbor , MI
2 bedrooms
1,274 sq ft
Cute home. Amazing to think that people actually live here! Great location and neighborhood. Nice back yard too!